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Individual & Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning Services

In today’s challenging and dynamic global economic climate, effective tax planning and advice are critical to every individuals and businesses. Here, we serve to deliver value-added tax planning services, working with our clients to provide approaches and solutions to critical tax and business issues.

Our tax services division formulates effective strategies to;

- Ensure tax compliance with relevant laws
- Implement effective tax planning methods
- Optimize the use of tax incentives to reduce tax incidence

Our tax & tax planning services include:

Singapore Corporate Income Tax Compliance Services

  • Submission of estimated chargeable income (ECI)
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns, tax computation and supporting schedules
  • Handling of correspondence and queries from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
  • Attendance to notices of assessment and raising objections within the statutory timeframe, where necessary

Singapore Personal Income Tax Services

  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns and computations
  • Review of notices of assessment and liaising with IRAS
  • Provide comprehensive personal tax & financial planning

Financial Control & Management Services

ScaleGiven the fast changing economic outlook and financial climate that businesses are facing, we are of the view that it is critical to reassess your company cost to realign your position for future growth. This is where our financial control and management services will be able to support your business in the most economic manner.

We are able to assist new start up in setting up accounting systems, accounting procedures and policies which will meet the business operation and requirements For existing small & medium enterprise, we extend our services by providing advices to improve the internal control systems.

We also provide analysis of your company’s performance using key performance indicators (KPI) and variance analysis, cash flow and budget analysis, financial forecast and projections.. These are critical decision-making information required by your company to evaluate how far you have progressed in a particular period of time.